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Climatelinks Website Redesign Showcases Climate Integration

Unveiling Our New Sector Pages
By Isabela Barriga

Climate impacts social and economic development across sectors, in numerous ways. Each sector also has unique opportunities to contribute to climate solutions. USAID integrates climate change in development programming across a variety of technical fields.

To better support climate integration through Climatelinks, we are pleased to launch our website redesign.

The new design includes 14 new sector pages across the following diverse areas:

To access the sector pages, go to the new Climatelinks homepage and select "What We Do" in the navigation bar.


Within each sector page, learn about sector-specific climate change considerations and how integration can strengthen the work in that sector. You will find key resources that were hand selected by technical experts in the features section and the most recent releases in sector resources. You will also find convenient quick links for additional related resources, the latest blogs, and upcoming events for each sector.

Visit the Climate Sector page to find the landing pages for USAID’s climate pillars: Adaptation, EnergyClimate Risk Management, and Sustainable Landscapes.

Please help us spread the word of these new sector pages! You can:

  • Bookmark your favorite sector page and share it with your contacts;
  • Comment below about which sector page you are most looking forward to exploring;
  • Share our announcements on Twitter and LinkedIn and tell us which sector page or content is your favorite by tagging @Climatelinks;
  • Contact the Climatelinks team and let us know what you think of the redesign and new sector pages; we welcome any feedback on how to improve the user experience for our community.
Strategic Objective
Adaptation, Biodiversity, Climate Change, Climate Change Integration, Conflict and Governance, Disaster Risk Management, Clean Energy, Gender and Social Inclusion, Health, Infrastructure, Natural Resource Management, Urban, Water and Sanitation, WASH

Isabela Barriga

Isabela es gerente de redes sociales y coordinadora de contenido para Climatelinks a través del proyecto SEEK de USAID. Ella ayuda con la gestión de la información, la investigación y la redacción de blogs. Anteriormente, Isabela brindó apoyo de comunicación y gestión de contenido a organizaciones intergubernamentales, asociaciones público-privadas y misiones diplomáticas, incluidas las Naciones Unidas, GAVI (actualmente, la Alianza de Vacunas) y la Embajada de Ecuador. Isabela tiene un B.S. en Salud Pública y estudios completos en Desarrollo Internacional y Gestión de Conflictos (Universidad de Maryland, College Park).

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The Government of Colombia, with the help of the USAID, has deployed energy auctions as a policy tool to reach climate targets, procure renewable energy at competitive prices, and ensure a more resilient energy supply for the country. 
USAID investments in reducing the risks and impacts of climate change—through increasing community resilience, building regional climate science capacity, or providing meteorological equipment—are vital for the countries of the Eastern and Southern Caribbean (ESC). But ideally these investments can also have tremendous knock-on effects, encouraging the formation of additional partnerships with the private sector and other donors, and therefore increasing overall investment. The Climate Change Adaptation Program (CCAP) is one such investment.