A trainer teaches community members in Ndera, Rwanda, how to build a crop bed.

Climate Risk Management


To strengthen communities' access to and management of water and pasture, USAID EKISIL—which means “peace” in the local language of Karamoja—initiated climate risk management (CRM) actions in the Abim, Kaabong, Kotido, and Moroto districts
In August, Climatelinks explored USAID’s climate work that has been featured on other “Links” sites. Cross-sectoral climate action is essential for preparing communities around the world to manage the impacts of climate change and prevent worst-case climate scenarios.
Inside the protected area of Menabe Antimena is Madagascar's largest dry forest--45% of which has disappeared in only the last 10 years due to massive deforestation, fires, migration, illegal maize cultivation, corruption and unscrupulous private interests. Menabe Antimena is one of the many critical ecosystems that the USAID Hay Tao project is working to protect.