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Water and Sanitation ASSUIT, EGYPT: Since 2011, USAID has invested $20 million in water and wastewater projects in Assuit Governorate, including construction of this pump station in El Koseya District that provides sanitation services to thousands of men, women and children in nearby villages. The American people, through USAID, are proud to help Egypt build water and wastewater infrastructure that create jobs, improve local services, and promote health for all Egyptians.

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Egypt’s inhabitants rely heavily upon the Nile and the productive agricultural sector it nurtures, leaving the country vulnerable to climate shocks and transboundary water conflict. Through its long-recorded history, Egypt’s vulnerability to climatic changes has resulted in famine and political unrest during periods of drought. Egypt’s gross domestic product increased at a faster rate than emissions, which suggests that carbon intensity of the economy had decreased over that same time period.


    Climate Projections and Impacts

    Refer to the Climate Risk Profile (2018) for more information.

    Climate Projections

    Decreased/Less Frequent Precipitation

    Increased Temperature

    Sea Level Rise

    Key Climate Impact Areas


    Coastal Resources

    Human Health


    Water Resources

    Funding and Key Indicators

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    USAID Climate Change Funding (2020)



    GAIN Vulnerability


    Population (2020)

    104.1 Million

    GHG Emissions Growth


    % Forested Area


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