Image of a turquoise glacial lake in the foreground, a glacial moraine in the center, and sharp, snowy mountains in the background.

Kyrgyz Republic

At a Glance

The Kyrgyz Republic is a landlocked, mountainous country in Central Asia susceptible to natural hazards such as earthquakes and landslides, as well as economic shocks resulting from volatile food prices and political instability. Impacts from natural hazards and economic shocks may be amplified by expected climate change stressors such as increases in temperature, extreme weather events, and glacial melt. These impacts and other climate change stressors are likely to significantly affect key natural resources, economic sectors, and the governance landscape. Top emissions were mainly from the energy sector, followed by emissions from agriculture, industrial processes, and waste.

    Climate Projections and Impacts

    Refer to the Climate Risk Profile (2018) for more information.

    Climate Projections

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    Increased Drought Frequency

    Increased Precipitation Unpredictability/Variability

    Increased Temperature

    Key Climate Impact Areas





    Human Health

    Water Resources

    Funding and Key Indicators

    USAID Climate Change Funding (2020)


    $5 Million

    Clean Energy

    $5 Million

    GAIN Vulnerability


    Population (2020)

    6.0 Million

    GHG Emissions Growth


    % Forested Area


    Climate Change Information

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